Quality Security of Las Vegas* has been developed by Ted Farace and Frank Bruton as a reasonably priced security firm which will focus primarily on the convention business in Las Vegas and other locations in southern Nevada.

The mission of Quality Security is to provide first rate and well managed security formeeting room clients who are bringing events to major venues – e.g., the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands Convention Center, Mandalay Bay and other significant sites in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.  Management of Quality Security is committed to a high standard of protection for clients and will assure that the security personnel are carefully selected and trained.  Additionally, the supervisory staff of Quality is made up exclusively of former law enforcement personnel who add a dimension that is unmatched by any other security company. 

Each of the Quality officers receives on-going training by Quality Security instructors – instruction will be in basic skills necessary to provide appropriate security protection and includes CPR training.  No other company that we are aware of provides this level of training.

The management of Quality Security is committed to providing unmatched protection for a reasonable price in the Las Vegas market.  In this regard, Quality management will stay directly engaged in supervising those personnel who will be on the front line bringing first rate security to clients.

securityTo add to the professional image of Quality all officers will be attired in a Quality Security blazer, white dress shirt and uniform tie.  The image we will project is something that will enhance and not detract from appearances at your event.

All clients will have direct access to Supervisors by mobile phone and communication with the client will be a major part of the service provided.

Please complete and submit the Request for a Quote form or contact us and we will be happy to provide a quotation for service.

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*Quality Security of Las Vegas is a division of Elite Security Specialists, LLC.  NV.  

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